General Requirements

  • Physically fit
  • Forklift license

A good warehouse staff

  • Team player
  • Problem solving skills
  • Good communication skills

Articles to read

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7 essential tips for the jobseekers to get hired within 24 hours

With Covid-19, the whole world has seen a tremendous change. So is employability. Finding the right job can be difficult, especially in the current situation. However, with a lesser number of jobs and a higher number of applications, there is severe competition among the employees. Jobs are taken based on 'first come first serve'. Timeliness is the key. Applying to the right job at the right time makes it easier to get selected...`,

Videos to watch

A Career in Warehousing & Distribution

Length: 8min

Warehouse Operative Interview Questions and Answers

Length: 11min

Top 10 Warehouse Safety Tips

Length: 7min

Courses to enroll in

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Perform Warehouse Operations

This course is developed to enable an individual to acquire the skills and knowledge in performing stock control and housekeeping operations at work. Participants will learn how to apply check and verify incoming products and pick and stage products in their daily work activities.

Fee: $385.00
Duration: 16 hours

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