Admin Coordinator Salary in Singapore

Admin Coordinator

Admin Coordinator Salary

The average salary for a Admin Coordinator is $2300 per month. The lowest salaries we recorded were $2200 and the highest salaries we have seen were $2500 per month.

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Average Admin Coordinator Salary in Singapore (Per Month)
SGD 2300
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What does the AdminCoordinator do?
Admin Coordinator does a great job of making sure that all the orders, requests and payments for the company are communicated through an organized system. The admin coordinator is also responsible for keeping track of all the details and important activities that need to be conducted by the different departments within the company. One of their main responsibilities includes checking if everything is ready before sending it out to other departments. They are also required to be very creative as they have to check up on all the details that might affect their business.
What are the most common job requirements for the AdminCoordinator job?
Min GCE A Levels/ Diploma
Comfortable to work in Healthcare Environment
Able to use Microsoft Office
Some admin experience preferred
Provide administrative support
Coordinate between customer and supplier
Process shipping documents & report
Singaporeans only
What are the most common daily responsibilities for the AdminCoordinator job?
Participate in case discussions and follow up with the coordination of clinical related issues.
Evaluate outcome of care with the multidisciplinary team by measuring intervention effectiveness.
Involve in planning, assessment and monitoring of the programme.
Perform SAP duties for patient admission, discharge and transfer during office and/or after office hours.
Coordinate with NUH & cross hospital BMU to manage bed requests i.e. pandemic ward beds.
Coordinate & schedule appointments i.e. ambulance transport, follow up appointments & other services as requested by the clinicians.
Support clinicians by retrieving and disseminating documents to via call email, fax or upload to system i.e. CPSS.
Participate in improving work processes and perform other adhoc responsibilities when required.