Admin Executive Salary in Singapore

Admin Executive

Admin Executive Salary

The average salary for a Admin Executive is $2500 per month. The lowest salaries we recorded were $2400 and the highest salaries we have seen were $2800 per month.

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Average Admin Executive Salary in Singapore (Per Month)
SGD 2500
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What does the AdminExecutive do?
The job of an admin executive is to be a generalist and liaison between various departments. They are heavily involved in both hiring and firing, budgeting, and planning. Being a generalist allows the admin executive to understand how all departments work together as well as dealing with external clients that you may have from time to time. Being a liaison can also help with building up your network, which is important when you are seeking new opportunities for your career.
What are the most common job requirements for the AdminExecutive job?
Minimum GCE “O” level
Fluent in English and Mandarin
Well-organized, responsible and meticulous
Proficient in Microsoft Office
Ability to converse in Mandarin to liaise with Chinese associates
Minimum Diploma holder
Independence and computer literacy
Minimum 21 years old
What are the most common daily responsibilities for the AdminExecutive job?
Perform administrative duties such as data entry and filing documents
Source for vendors and seek quotations within assigned budget
Exhibits polite and professional communication via phone, e-mail, and mail
Support the company’s HR and Marketing functions, assisting with various events
Assist in day-to-day administrative and operational duties
Data entry of relevant information into database
Ensure efficient management of documents; printing, scanning, filing and despatch
Attend to inquiries via phone calls and emails