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Admin is a very broad and general term. Different people do it in different ways, but the common definition is someone who manages systems and processes, often through computer software, to provide support to others. These are usually done remotely with fewer than 30 hours per week. They may manage email or calendars, provide help desk support, manage databases (such as payroll), track performance metrics, keep records of expenses and much more. The biggest distinction between the many types of admin employees is the age range they typically work in: Some do it part-time while others are professionals who work full-time on their job.

admin Salary

The average salary for a admin is $2100 per month. The lowest salaries we recorded were $1650 and the highest salaries we have seen were $2700 per month.

Lowest salary
Median salary
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Average admin Salary in Singapore (Per Month) SGD 2100Based on job posts on WorkClassClick to check out the hottest admin jobs on WorkClass