Ambassador Salary in Singapore

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Ambassador Salary

The average salary for a Ambassador is $2154 per month. The lowest salaries we recorded were $1600 and the highest salaries we have seen were $2800 per month.

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Average Ambassador Salary in Singapore (Per Month)
SGD 2154
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What does the Ambassador do?
A good ambassador always acts as a mediator between themselves and the locals they represent. They help to promote their products best qualities but are always mindful of the sensitivity of each customer type. This helps them to avoid making any faux pas that could cause embarrassment to themselves and their company that would harm the relationship.
What are the most common job requirements for the Ambassador job?
Self-driven and ambitious
Strong interpersonal skills
Hunger and willingness to learn
Heart to genuinely help others succeed
Excellent attitude and customer service
Solution driven and fast learner
Able to work independently and self-motivated
18 years old and above
What are the most common daily responsibilities for the Ambassador job?
Representing and marketing products and services for established clients from various industries
Assume leadership roles and groom the next generation of leaders
Manage sales campaigns and pass down the art of selling
Learning every steps of the process: Sales, Training, HR, Management
Carry out surveys
Record responses/data
Promote brand awareness for clients
Following up and scheduling appointments with customers