Assistant Engineer Salary in Singapore

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Assistant Engineer Salary

The average salary for a Assistant Engineer is $2565 per month. The lowest salaries we recorded were $2450 and the highest salaries we have seen were $4000 per month.

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Average Assistant Engineer Salary in Singapore (Per Month)
SGD 2565
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What does the AssistantEngineer do?
 Assistant engineers play a vital role in industrial processes. They are responsible for ensuring that the machines, systems and equipment being used are operating correctly and efficiently. The key tasks an assistant engineer can undertake include:  - Determining whether the machine or system is performing as it should be, checklists and procedures to ensure that this happens;  - Troubleshooting faults with the machine meant to solve them;  - Recording data from machine activity, so they can be analyzed by supervisors to prevent problems in the future.
What are the most common job requirements for the AssistantEngineer job?
Min Diploma in any Engineering field
Able to commit long term / shift work / eager to learn
Able to start within short notice
Familiar with mechanical drawing / electrical drawing is an advantage
Experience with CAD is an advantage
Carry out machine improvement activities to ensure high productivity and quality improvement activities to ensure low reject
In charge of machine maintenance and spare parts so as to minimize machine downtime
Guide and train production technician in trouble shooting of machine and quality trouble
What are the most common daily responsibilities for the AssistantEngineer job?
Carry out machine improvement activities to ensure high productivity and quality improvement activities.
Manage BOM, RFQ, issue part purchase, follow up material readiness status, receiving parts, sorting of parts, parts shipment, etc.
Documentation work related to part purchase, logistic, etc.
Liaise with internal and external for material status update, material information request, etc.
Office and production workshop housekeeping task & administrative work.
Data entry in CAD system, SAP system, etc.
Set up maintenance and quality control system in accordance with QCS and MCS.
Carry out other task assigned by superior.