associate Salary in Singapore

associate Salary

The average salary for a associate is $2100 per month. The lowest salaries we recorded were $1600 and the highest salaries we have seen were $2700 per month.

Lowest salary
Median salary
Highest salary
Average associate Salary in Singapore (Per Month)
SGD 2100
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associate Job Locations

Most of the associate jobs can be found in Hougang, followed by Tampines and Jurong.
What does the Associate do?
 The associate is the first stage in the career ladder. This is the "lower" rung in a company or organization, and involves lower pay, less responsibilities, and less job security. After a period of time, it will become difficult to move up due to high competition for the positions that are available. These are usually entry-level positions with little experience required, so they can be found in all kinds of organizations; large businesses like banks, technology companies, and large corporations often have student worker programs that offer entry-level jobs for students who need an income.
What are the most common job requirements for the Associate job?
Develop an end-to-end sales strategy
Strong customer service
Outstanding interpersonal skills
Positive attitude with the ability to take initiative to learn
Self driven and goal oriented
Responsible and able to work under tight deadlines
Fluent in both English and Mandarin
What are the most common daily responsibilities for the Associate job?
Provide excellent customer services to visitors
Ensure safety of artwork on display
Perform ticketing sales transaction; printing of tickets
Pre-printing of tickets, and facilitate tour groups
Assist visitors with enquiries
Comply with health & workplace safety requirements
Develop an end-to-end sales strategy
Assist customer to the appropriate queue